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Litter-Alley Great All-natural Corn Cat Litter is an innovative brand-new cat that is organic made of pelletized corn cobs. This kitty that is incredible completely uses the all-natural advantages of corn cobs. It absorbs amazing quantities of fluid, neutralizes odor that is urine clumps like clay pet litter.

I. 100% All-natural: no Chemicals that is synthetic or Perfumes. It’s entirely Pet & People-friendly. Unlike cat litters which can be most that are mined from clay or artificially produced, This litter is made of natural components without any extra chemical compounds or perfumes, so it’s completely safe for kitties in addition to entire family members.
The chemical-free litter is very ideal for individuals and animals with allergies and substance sensitivities because all-natural cob can also be silica dust-free, a factor usually present in litter services and products produced from clay. A mineral that’s been been shown to be poisonous whenever inhaled.
It is safe if ingested by pets or humans, it contains no toxins because it is made from 100% corn cob. Puppies can consume it without issue when they enter the box that is litter.

The corn cobs normally offer high-performance odor control and clumping that is compact. It’s entirely safe for the surroundings too, it’s flushable, biodegradable, septic-safe pet litter.

II. Litter-Alley Fantastic™ holds and sells just products which tend to be Biodegradable, Sustainable, Renewable and Planet-friendly. Our tiny bags that are 2lb double-bagged with recycled dietary fiber packaging. We do that which means you may have two tiny, quickly throwaway bags useful.

III. The safety and well being of our customers and their pets comes first at Wintergreen Performance Supply. Litter-Alley Fantastic™ is made become safe for people, creatures in addition to environment. Created using 100 % natural ingredients from whole-kernel corn as well as other plant products, it’s 100% renewable and biodegradable. The Equine business has actually discovered this system therefore safe for horse bedding since the material that is soiled all of them the chance to get back the nutritional elements found in developing the plants back in the earth. Whenever precisely removed, the components biodegrade and provide the carbon back and liquid, that have been made use of if they had been cultivated (carbon basic).

IV. Flushable* and Septic secured The components resemble those found in meals, but have actually a rather reasonable value that is nutrient. The materials will decompose fiber that is(cellulose starch) through the normally happening micro-organisms procedures within the septic container system without killing the micro-organisms as chemical compounds would do.
*The State of Ca motivates the disposal of pet feces in rubbish and discourages cat that is flushing in commodes or losing all of them in drains.The solid waste will break-down within the land fill-in more or less 6 months. Take note that a lot of homes with septic container systems are sized and designed when it comes to true amount of people that’ll be residing the house. So it will be essential to observe that flushing cat that is too much at onetime or perhaps in total could overload your septic system ability. The micro-organisms in your body requires time and energy to consume the cellulose fibers to break the waste down.

V. secured for several kitties of all of the YEARS it is safe for kittens over 8 weeks of age through “elder” cats because it is made from food or feed grade ingredients. All corn cobs tend to be held in a specific environment, on tangible flooring and monitored regularly for moisture content to avoid decomposition that is premature. And also this keeps this product without any debris and dirt. As a whole nevertheless, veterinarians don’t advise that kittens under 2 months utilize kitty litter.
Litter-Alley Great is asking almost all their consumers to fairly share their particular experiences to gain the maximum amount of information that is first-hand feasible in order to guarantee our clients obtain the highest-performing, animal, folks and Earth-friendly cat litter feasible. You may be welcomed to fairly share your thinking through the call us web page at
The corn cobs tend to be a by-product regarding the seed business. Severe treatment is taken up to have them in the moisture that is proper and without any soil and dirt. Consistently tested for kitty litter box high quality overall performance of consumption and capability that is deodorizing. Cat proprietors, animal store owners, vets, shelters, etc. all recognize. Litter-Alley Fantastic™ kitty that is organic regularly outperforms objectives
This kitty that is excellent is created without any ingredients. Steam is inserted within the process that is pelletizing assists the cob to make microscopic dimensions particles which instantly pitfall urine odor to go out of your property free of pet field relevant smell. No perfumes or scent included so no signs that are tell-tale.
These particles that are microscopic absorb fluid therefore effortlessly it immediately clumps. Compact clumping means that the urine will not seep, sink or adhere to the edges regarding the box that is litter. Today unlike clay or other cat litters on the market. It clumps on contact, the balls (clumps) make scooping acutely simple, Convenient and cost-effective once the extra (clean) litter remains within the field.

VI. Reduced amount tends to make this top quality Litter Long Lasting The top-notch and characteristics that are long-lasting based on its corn-cob qualities. As a total result, two 2-lb. bags of litter ordinarily final one pet at the very least per month if precisely preserved, LitterAlley SAVES YOU CASH They suggest beginning the container with 4 pound and replacing the clumps that are removed fresh litter. With respect to the number and size of kitties that is a lot longer than most litters.
Litter-Alley Fantastic™ consumers have got all stated they don’t have to utilize the maximum amount of litter, so that as a total result, they discard less, and save very well buying prices. Our apartment home consumers have actually raved in the ease of use of flushing the used litter. This system is a pet, individuals and planet-friendly pet litter because made of all natural corn-cob. All ingredients that are natural deliver advanced level smell control and clumping normally. It’s biodegradable, flushable, septic-safe. Utilizing this bi-product regarding the corn seed business assists the farmers that are american utilize corn these are typically developing. Clay pet litters tend to be mined from pits and are also maybe not a resource that is renewable. Clay litter will sit-in the landfill for quite some time without disintegrating.

VII. Scientifically Successful & High Performing Litter-Alley Great’s item is stated in Iowa making by ideal Cob from corn cobs which are a biproduct regarding the corn seed business. It’s been found in the industry that is equine years and it has shown become effective and safe bedding for ponies.
Utilising the most reliable areas of the corn-cob and sifted to obtain precisely the pellet size that is right. With little to no or no dirt. Corn-cob features an all natural inclination to clump, neutralizes ammonia in urine to fully get rid of smells for an odor no-cost box that is litter.* It absorbs fluids therefore effortlessly 2 bags in your box that is litter would over one gallon of fluid.
Litter-Alley Great All-natural Corn cat that is organic is offered solely by Wintergreen Efficiency provide. To find out more about any of it cat that is awesome please visit
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