3 Phase of Cervical Mucus Menstrual Periods Cycle

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Sexual intercourse is the most important part for everyone for every woman who want to have pregnant. This is important to let out the sperm from the testicle to the ovary in order to create the implantation. However, it is not just the only one since you also need to make the implantation success. You should also think about the Cervical Mucus Menstrual Periods Cycle.

The cervical mucus is the kind of fluid in the vagina that is used for the sperm to go to the ovary to fertilize the egg. This is a very important part to get the women pregnant. There are also several types of cervical mucus depend on the menstrual cycle. You will learn about 3 Cervical Mucus Menstrual Periods Cycle each of which its own characteristic.

First, it is the menstruation and post menstruation era. This is happen in the first day to the 9 day. At this time, the cervical mucus is quite dry which is probably infertile. Second, it is fertile period. It happens in between 10 to 20 day of the cycle. The wettest part  happens in the 18 to 2 days. Last, it is the infertile period. The cycle happens in the 20 to 30 days of the month.

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