Anthracite Bathroom Tile as the Modern Style

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Bathroom tile from time to time has the similar design from same material. It is very related to the ceramic for the tile. However, as now you live in the modern era, you need something better than those ceramics. Anthracite bathroom tile is the modern style of bathroom tile since it is no longer about ceramic usage. Anthracite is the innovative material that is so rare used for bathroom tile for the first time. As time goes by, ceramic has so many lacks and disadvantages, so that anthracite steals the people’s attention. There are some advantages for anthracite compared to the old ceramics.



Anthracite can be the best choice of bathroom tile. The first reason is that anthracite is not slippery at all, it can hold your step to keep it sturdy even if when it is applied with shampoo. Ceramics will be easily contaminated by soap and shampoo and it makes the floor slippery that can be dangerous for you. Second reason is that the anthracite cannot be mossed and it will still not be slippery. Anthracite bathroom tile is also durable and it is hard to break, unlike ceramics. One more additional benefit for anthracite is the color which is so elegant and looks sharp so that your bathroom seems to have a character. Those are the benefits that can be got from having anthracite as your tile of bathroom which can cover all the lacks of the ceramics.

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